Engineering Design Services
Skilled and experienced in providing engineering and design services in the development land, Munfakh & Associates, LLC assists our clients in evaluating their construction projects and provides long term solutions to today's problems. We specialize in working with communities to ensure success for infrastructure improvement projects.

Engineering Management Consulting
A long history of running a successful and profitable company provides the basis to help other firms. Abe Munfakh has the experience and expertise to assist engineering firms with efficiency and profitability. His skill in project management proves a valuable asset to other firms and his existing relationships with contractors helps remove reoadblocks from complex projects.

Expert Witness Services
Munfakh & Associates, LLC provides expert witness services for disputes in engineering and construction matters. Abe A. Munfakh is certified by the Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA) as an expert witness for matters of dispute in construction and engineering of water, wastewater, transportation, traffic, road and bridge design. Abe Munfakh has the expertise required to review complicated engineering matters and assist legal counsel in proving their case to courts and juries, in addition to presentation of findings on the witness stand and in depositions.

Dispute Resolution Services
Munfakh & Associates, LLC has been certified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) as an arbitrator for dispute resolution services worldwide. AAA is a non-profit public service organization headquartered in New York which offers a broad range of dispute resolution services to business executives, attorneys, individuals, trade associations, unions, management, consumers, families, communities, and all levels of government. Abe A. Munfakh is able to resolve the complex issues associated with commercial mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution in the construction industry and to assist in arriving at satisfactory final dispute resolutions. His work includes coordination with other arbitrators and participation on arbitration panels to review disputes between owners and contractors, contractors and other contractors, engineers and owners, and engineers and contractors. There are great advantages that exist in resolving disputes through administered arbitration rather than the court system.